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Big Book of Coverage

PR expertise that delivers big coverage for technology and energy brands

Impressive press coverage portfolio demonstrates expertise in technology and energy PR

Here at Content Coms, we’ve been generating high-quality press coverage for clients for as long as we can remember.

The problem is, we sometimes get a little blasé about what we do.

We don’t often shout about our achievements. But of course, we should. We know how to catch an editor’s eye and how to keep a reader’s attention. Every single article we write is bespoke, crafted and on-message.

We set about finding a new way to showcase the coverage we achieve and the impact it makes.

And so, the Big Book of Coverage was born.

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Big Book of Coverage

So what did we do?

Whether it’s an opinion forming article, a technical case study, or a high-level thought leadership editorial, we use our sector expertise to generate mighty impressive coverage.

Our collection of press coverage shows the world (and our prospects) what we do, how we work and what we know.

The coverage is curated into three main areas: Thought Leadership; Product & Technology; and Advocacy & Application. Decide what’s of interest to you and flick through examples of our work as it appeared in print.

Welcome to the Content Coms BIG Book of Coverage