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Corporate Identity for Connected Energy

Creating an identity for a pioneer in the field of energy storage.

Strong corporate messaging takes battery storage company to next stage in its journey

When your business relies on partnerships with seriously big brands (like Groupe Renault), it’s essential to project competence, confidence and polished professionalism. Which is why Connected Energy’s CEO knew the time was right to refresh the company’s brand identity and rethink key messaging.

Using our MessagingDeck process Content Coms defined and distilled the USPs around a core message. Connected Energy was repositioned as ‘a pioneer in the field of UK energy storage’.

MessagingDeck wasn’t just useful for the sales team’s elevator pitch; it gave us everything we needed to prepare new sales collateral and a slick on-message website too.

Messaging and strategy project for Connected Energy
Connected Energy Laptop Phone Mockup

What was the outcome?

Connected Energy now enjoys a strong visual identity and web presence; a confident voice in the market; and clearly articulated USPs.

The company now feels ready for the next stage in its journey: making it attractive to investors, customers and partners.

Connected Energy’s CEO Matthew Lumsden said: “We’re all very pleased… it’s generated some very positive feedback from new and existing contacts.”

See the work here: www.c-e-int.com