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The Anti-Greenwash Playbook: Our contribution to COP26

The Anti-Greenwash Playbook by Content Coms – When is a brand truly sustainable?

A critical friend with an eye on transparency

Did you know that the Competition and Markets Authority says up to 40% of green claims made could be misleading to consumers?  It’s not good enough. We can all do better.

This is why our Futures team decided to produce The Anti-Greenwash Playbook. Our Playbook offers up our own guidance on how brands and businesses can be authentic, transparent and open in their communications with stakeholders. With a foreword by our friend, leading author and sustainability provocateur, Martin Brown, it is essential reading for anyone who values brand truths.

Launched at a COP26 fringe event in both e-book and hard-copy format, this little book has been read by thousands of readers all over the world. We’re pretty proud of it.

Here’s what we did…

  • Concept, design & authorship by the Content Coms team
  • Clear, crisp simple language to cut-through the noise
  • Digital campaign to amplify awareness
  • Launch at Living Futures Europe’s COP 26 ‘Voices’ event
Read the Anti-Greenwash Playbook
Inner pages of The Anti-Greenwash Playbook by Content Coms

“The Anti-Greenwash Playbook is insightful and constructively provocative… a superb publication CC team.”

– Jeremy Harthill, Chief Commercial Officer, Capitas Finance