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WRc plc’s Brand Values

Defining brand values for WRc plc

Corporate messaging is key to the rebrand of one world’s most respected environmental consultancies

WRc plc is one of the world’s most innovative and independent environmental consultancies. Founded 90 years ago, it has a unique heritage and is respected by all who know it.

With its 90th birthday on the horizon, a new commercial team in place – and a huge seam of fresh energy running through the business – a corporate rebrand seemed timely.

Our good friends and partners Mike Garlick Design were commissioned to deliver the visual side of the rebrand. A huge project – with hundreds of separate elements – WRc’s new identity needed to carry as much equity as the likes of PWC or Accenture.

It was clear that values and core messaging were vital. That’s when Mike and WRc asked Content Coms to get involved…

What did we do? 

Together with Mike Garlick, we worked hand-in-glove with WRc’s Senior Leadership Team to define WRc’s core values.

  • Independent. 
  • Trusted. 
  • Innovative. 


These three words were not plucked from thin air. A careful process of research, engagement and workshopping led us to one conclusion: this is precisely what defines WRc. It’s what sets them apart.

Our messaging helped to shape the visual side of the rebrand (brilliantly conceived & delivered by Mike Garlick and team). These values are now applied to everything from recruitment adverts to signage; and from proposals to ‘vision & values’ graphics.

WRc’s 2017 Innovation Day – attended by 200 people – was the launch platform.

The feedback couldn’t have been better.