Increasing sales leads and brand awareness for energy innovator

Client: Manufacturer of solar PV technology.


This client – owned by a global renewables business – had a business need to improve the way it told its ‘story’ in marketing materials, and, in the process, increase sales leads and brand awareness.


Content Coms worked closely with the company’s directors and commercial team to develop and implement a new, results-driven marketing strategy.

Content Coms organised a workshopping session for key members of the client’s commercial team, including its Commercial Director and Managing Director. The session, chaired by Content Coms’ Joanna Watchman, centred around the idea of ‘defining customer personas’.

By sorting its potential customers into five individual groups, Content Coms was able to map the client’s strengths precisely to each group’s specific needs.

Using this ‘intelligence’, Content Coms undertook a complete rewrite of the company’s website, creating distinct pages and sections that spoke directly to each stakeholder group.


The client’s web copy and its wider messaging went from being unfocused and ‘one size fits all’ to being highly targeted – and highly effective.

As a result, the client has seen a whole host of outcomes:

• Increase in unique visitors web traffic by 100%

• Boosted brand confidence among key influencers

• Re-invigorated internal sales teams’ confidence in the marketing toolkit

What next?

Content Coms also used the new messaging to produce a suite of targeted collateral including a new corporate brochure. The brochure proved so popular at regional shows and events it is already on its third print-run.


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