ESTA to launch Energy Performance Contracting group

The UK’s energy management industry body, the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA), is to launch an Energy Performance Contracting Group to help organisations reduce energy costs and improve efficiency, reports Energy Zine.

Energy Performance Contracting involves an agreement between service provider and customer in which the provider plans, installs and if necessary funds the measures to cut energy consumption and improve efficiency. The costs are recovered over the term of the contract. However, since energy consumption falls from the start of the process, overall costs to the customer are also reduced.

John Field, the chair of the new group, noted: “Many energy efficiency projects stall at the initial hurdle of accessing expertise or funds. Energy Performance Contracting addresses that challenge with the supplier delivering the improvements necessary to achieve a reduction in energy demand and cost. Energy Performance Contracting is an essential resource for businesses and organisations wanting to progress energy and cost saving programmes.”

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