First female engineering president calls for quotas to boost women in the sector

Source: Energy Live News

More engineering employers should introduce a range of measures including quotas to boost the number women in the sector.

That’s what the first female President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Naomi Climer, is calling for to raise the number of female engineers.

The proportion of female engineers in the UK has remained at less than one in 10, the lowest level in Europe, the IET stated.

She believes introducing quotas for the number of female engineers in the workforce could be one way to encourage employers to ensure they hire more women.

Ms Climer said: “I will be working hard to highlight just how creative, exciting and diverse an engineering career is.  It gives you the opportunity to do something life- or world-changing. But there is a big job to do to increase public understanding of the important role engineering plays in our daily lives and get more young people, particularly girls, excited about the possibilities of an engineering career.”

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