Google announces significant changes to AdWords

Source: Marketing Land

Google announced yesterday (Tuesday, May 24) that it will soon change the way advertisers set bids for targeting ads by device type in AdWords.

Other coming changes revealed at web giant’s Performance Summit in San Francisco include an update to Google text ads on all devices and responsive mobile display ads that can access native mobile ad inventory on the Google Display Network.

The change in bidding is significant in that it accomplishes two things:

1. Untethers desktop and tablet bids

2. Allows advertisers to make mobile the focal point of their campaigns. Advertisers will be able to set separate bid adjustments for mobile, desktop and tablet.

Also, confirmed on Tuesday were Google’s impending changes to text ads that will give advertisers more copy.

The new format comes after Google removed text ads from the right side of the search results. Because of space restrictions, right-side ads were treated differently. Getting rid of them means Google can now streamline text ad formats across mobile and desktop.

Advertisers will have two 30-character headlines instead of the current 25-character headline and one 80-character line of description copy instead of two 35-character lines.

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