Industry marketing company comments on FTSE100 Twitter winners and losers

A new report has found that two-thirds of FTSE100 companies are failing when it comes to social media, while also revealing important lessons for industry to learn about online marketing.

Topping the list of best Twitter performers, according to the ‘Social Media in the City’ study, is AstraZeneca – a possible surprise for those that believe Twitter is only important for consumer brands.

6241452614_265dec9e45_mAlso included in the report’s social media top ten are mining firm Vedanta and computer chip maker ARM Holdings. However, the study found that, on the whole, the FTSE100 is falling short when it comes to social media.

Companies’ social media success was ranked using the following criteria: popularity; receptiveness (willingness to engage, not just broadcast); interaction; the reach of their network; and how trusted they are by the online community.

Content Communications, a B2B marketing specialist that offers Search Engine Marketing services, has witnessed a noticeable shift towards social media over the last year. It’s a trend that’s not just affecting consumer-focused companies, but also those in the industrial sector.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director of Content Coms, comments: “AstraZeneca may have topped the list of Twitter winners, but – as the study shows – it is the exception rather than the rule. Businesses in the B2B sphere need to recognise that a strong presence on Twitter is now just as important as a good website.”

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