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Make way for the millennials: 10 things you didn’t know about the next generation of consumer

Like it or not, millennials are the next era of consumer to change the way businesses approach customer satisfaction and engagement.  Unlike previous generations, the millennials seek a fast and seamless customer service with high value and personality. Raised in a time of rapid technological change, this bunch looks for an integrated, easily accessible experience across various media platforms to consume content on the go.

Our in-house millennials expert, Becky Woodington tells you everything you need to know about this new generation.  (And, she explains why your business needs to take notice too. Helpful, hey?)

Who are the millennials?

The term millennials was originally described by historians William Strauss and Neil Howe to define a generation born between 1982-2004. They identified that this generation has lived through a time of rapid cultural and technological change. This gives them a set of priorities and expectations different from previous generations.

There are approximately 16.2 million millennials living in the UK. They are considered to be a ‘tech savvy’ generation that integrates social media and other types of digital platforms throughout their everyday lives.

Millennials are constantly up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. And this means businesses that want to connect with them must respond accordingly.

Marketing to the millennials: What do we need to know? 

‘Tech Savvy’ – Millennials feel that social media has a place in today’s society, with 90% owning a Facebook account and a further 96% owning a smartphone.

‘Impatient’70% of millennials agree they are impatient. This means that an instant, flawless delivery is the expected standard for businesses.

‘On the go’ – Millennials look for an integrated seamless consumer experience that unifies information through various media platforms. This bunch of consumers are able to transition across multiple platforms on the go and expect the same standard of service regardless of media channel.

‘A tailored experience’– Millennials seek an easily accessible, on the go customer experience that is optimized through cross channel marketing. This means today’s businesses must utilise and tailor the delivery of their customer service through various digital platforms.

‘Engagement’– Millennials want fast and on the go content that can be easily accessible across numerous digital and social media platforms. Millennials look for fun and easily digestible information. This includes blog posts, images and infographics which are shown to be the highest reached content for this generation.

‘Personality’- 94% of  Millennials feel it’s important to have a unique identity. Millennials prefer personal interaction through customer service engagement on social media.

‘Relevant’- Millennials are defined as a generation which experience different economical, political and social issues if compared to previous, earlier generations. They express different views on these matters. Targeting communities that are heavily involved with social issues is likely to have a strong influence on millennials and their social identities.

Sense of purpose’ – Millennials need a purpose for everything. Professionals cannot simply expect millennials to engage without the sense of meaning and purpose. This includes the interest of specific causes or charities which can show great benefit from participation.

‘Reward’ – Incentives and competition are said to further millennial participation. According to a recent study 44% of millennials are willing to promote products or service through social media in exchange for rewards.

‘Influenced’ 72% of millennials say that they are highly influenced by their friends and peers at work. Millennials are also suggested to be further influenced through social media and WOM (word of mouth) to share opinions and make informed decisions.

‘Connected & In Tune’

Millennials have been brought up with technology at their fingertips. They are more connected and in-tune with technology and online culture than any other generation. They expect a fast and flawless service on demand and seek services which can be accessible on the go.

‘Fast & Fun’

For maximum millennial engagement information needs to be fast and fun. This has to be coupled with a sense of purpose and benefit for the consumer through discounts and/or competitions.

‘Brand aware’

Millennials are found to engage more with companies and brands that share an interest in charities and causes that have a positive outcome through consumer engagement.


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