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Who we support

We donate to causes aligned with our ESG principles.

See below our donations policy.

Each year Content Coms sets aside 5% of our net profits to donate to charitable causes which are aligned with our ESG principles.
We make donations to:

  • Wiltshire-based charities
  • Charities which are particularly important to our shareholders
  • Charities which are working to protect our environment and combat climate change.


Each year we also encourage each of our team members to undertake a day of volunteering during work time and we match fund any charity sponsorship undertaken by our team members to a maximum of £250 for each employee each year.

From time to time we consider sponsorship requests and requests for donations from our customers and suppliers which may fall outside of our priority areas. We consider each of these on an individual basis and may choose to support these where we can see that these organisations are aligned with our own ESG values.

This would mean that they have communicated their ESG values and that our experience of working with them matches the values as communicated. This includes paying suppliers in a timely fashion, in accordance with contractual agreements.

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