B2B industry PR firm achieves widespread coverage for client’s case studies

Content Communications, a specialist in green-tech marketing, has generated significant editorial coverage using technical PR case studies detailing the work of its client, energy bureau services and energy efficiency funding firm BG Energy Solutions.

Energy management company BG Energy Solutions has long-established working relationships with organisations like Adams Foods and Chesterfield Hospital. However, before now, it was failing to publicise its success in helping these clients to improve on-site energy efficiency via energy-efficient technologies and energy monitoring and targeting.
Content Coms, an energy marketing expert, was able to interview the end users at Adams Foods and Chesterfield Hospital and capture how BG Energy Solutions had aided their carbon-cutting efforts. The resulting case study articles, which were written and distributed by the Content Coms team, were then picked up by several leading industry publications.

The Adams Foods case study received a full-page spread in Premises and Facilities Management, while the Chesterfield Hospital case study received double-page spreads in both Pulse (the HEFMA magazine) and Building Engineer (the CABE magazine).

In addition to this hard-copy coverage, both case studies were also featured by online publications – and attracted many readers. The Adams Foods case study, which appeared on the Facilities Management Journal website, has received 325 views to date – 56 of them in the first day of publication.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director of the B2B engineering marketing company, Content Coms, says: “Even though the scope of marketing is widening, with many new ways to engage with customers, there’s still an appetite for traditional PR material like good-quality case studies. Editors really value them and they typically generate big coverage for our clients.”

She adds: “The key is to use the best of traditional PR in combination with new-generation marketing techniques. Not only do we provide BG Energy Solutions with PR services, we also manage the content on its website. And, following the press coverage generated through the case studies, there was a substantial uptick in visitor numbers to BG’s website. That’s an example of marketing working in harmony.”

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