This way forward: The bigger idea of B Corp Month

Certified B Corps are a network of businesses who find the balance between purpose, profit, and planet – and they’re driving forward positive change. March marks the official B Corp Month, which makes it the perfect time to delve into what it really means for businesses to be a force for good, together. And, what it means for us here at Content Coms.

At Content Coms, we are celebrating our first anniversary of receiving B Corp Certification, which we achieved in March 2023. So, let’s take a look at what being a B Corp means to us, and how we look to continue to build a better future.

A quick history of B Lab

B Corp’s founders, B Lab, started in the USA in 2006 with the idea that profit and purpose could and should be balanced and that a different kind of economy was not only possible, but necessary. They set the B Corporation standard against which companies could be measured and began to certify businesses that meet those standards as B Corporations.

Each year, the month of March celebrates the work of all B Corp Certified businesses. This year, B Lab has asked the B Corp community to celebrate how they are continuously improving their impact to create more inclusive workspaces, reduce their climate impact, and respond to the world’s ever-changing issues as a part of 2024’s B Corp Month theme: “this way forward”.

What does it mean to be a B Corp?

Joining the B Corp community means continuously measuring our impact, identifying opportunities to better ourselves and implementing measures to drive positive change over time. The key value behind joining this network, is having a framework to provide accountability and inspire real progress. 

We did our research before taking the first steps; the rigorous assessment process stands out as evidence that B Corps unquestionably mean business. The B Impact Assessment measures a company’s performance in five areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers.

These five areas align with our core values at Content Coms, and so the B Corp process is the perfect fit to accurately, and transparently, quantify our impacts. Importantly, this means we can clearly identify areas to build on our climate and social commitments.

How did we do? Well, our B Impact Assessment achieved an overall score of 85.7 – at the time of our certification, the median score for businesses who complete the assessment was 50.9! [You can see the detail of our score here].

Why are B Corp values important to us?

Catherine, Head of Business Operations:

“Our commitment to our B Corp journey pushes us to think beyond compliance. The certification process was thorough, and gave us a real opportunity to ‘look under the bonnet’ of every corner of our business. Now, we have a renowned platform that we can utilise to drive us forwards.

The quantification of our current impacts is a starting point. Now, our mission is to build and grow, driving real change in our company and wider communities. As a part of this momentum, our Account Manager Esther marked the start of B Corp Month by hosting an event, sharing her expertise on ‘how to build a recession-proof marketing campaign’. The talk offered free 30-minute consultations for attendees seeking advice on their marketing strategy. Esther did a brilliant job, and we are excited to see how we can support our fellow small businesses!”

Sian, ESG Communications Executive:

“As the newest member of Content Coms, I can say the B Corp Certification was a major reason to join the team. I remember Jo sharing that they had achieved B Corp during one of my first interviews; her attitude towards B Corp as just a step in the journey to continue to make a valuable impact showed a drive for ever-improvement that resonated with me.

“Accountability and transparency are vital in ESG. I wanted to be a part of a team who contributed to a larger vision of positive impact, showing commitment to ESG and sustainability – beyond that of comms and marketing. To me, that’s personal fulfilment.”

Looking Forward

We are only at the beginning of our journey! To maintain our B Corp Certification, we will be re-assessed every three years, and there is an expectation of continual improvement. According to B Lab, when it’s time to renew a B Corp Certification, 63% of businesses increased their impact score – we are determined to add to this figure!

A major goal for Content Coms is to take the next step in climate reporting. We will be looking to build a decarbonisation plan, with a goal to reach Net Zero in line with the UK Government’s 2050 target. Like many small businesses, time and resource have typically been our barriers to net zero progress, which is why we’re investing in carbon accounting training, to upskill our team members for this project.

B Corp Certification doesn’t only validate what we do and how we do it; the rigorous assessment process also holds us accountable, building on our drive to always improve.

If you’ve already decided B Corp is right for you, we offer support to companies undergoing their B Corp journey. Or, if you are wondering if B Corp is the right framework for your business, then get in touch! We’d be happy to chat.

Sian Clay
Sian Clay
Sian Clay is on our client management team, specialising in ESG communications. She holds an MSc from the University of Bristol in Management in CSR and Sustainability.