Bristol PR agency calls for companies to communicate how they add value

Content Communications, a green technology marketing firm, believes that companies may be losing competitive advantage by failing to make clear how they can bring added value to their customers.

“All too often, when a company creates a corporate brochure or website, all of the language is inward-facing,” says Joanna Watchman, Managing Director of the engineering PR firm, Content Coms.

“The marketing message reads: ‘This is who we are and what we do.’ On the face of it, that may make sense – but it’s actually a classic marketing mistake. Because who will be reading the brochure or website? Your customer. Every word on the page needs to be about them – how your business is geared towards helping them.”

Content Coms has worked with Greenlite, one of the UK’s leading lighting maintenance companies, to ensure all of its marketing materials are truly customer-focused. This includes a new page on the Greenlite website entitled ‘Adding Value’.

“As a company, Greenlite always tries to add value on every job – but, previously, this wasn’t something we were clearly communicating on our website,” comments Andy Chell, Sales and Marketing Manager at the commercial lighting suppliers and planned lighting maintenance specialist, Greenlite.

“The new ‘Adding Value’ page details how Greenlite is different from its competitors. It makes it clear that Greenlite understands its customers’ business objectives and their pain points or potential difficulties, too,” says Mr Chell. “Content Coms has helped us to tailor our marketing so that it really appeals to customers and what they want to know.”

“Never lose sight of the bigger picture in marketing,” Content Coms’ Joanna Watchman advises. “Everything always comes back to the customer. Your prospects need to understand how you can add value to their business, which means you need to really spell it out to them, in clear, customer-focused language.”

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