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Every sustainability journey needs a Roadmap

It’s a real privilege to be asked to work with a company to drive change from within. During the second half of 2021 we were invited to join Xaar’s newly formed ESG Committee Team which has governance and accountability through to the Board. This Group was charged with an important challenge: to develop a co-ordinated Sustainability Roadmap that will push Xaar towards its Net Zero by 2030 goal and other ESG ambitions.

Steering the way right up to Board approval

Having worked with Xaar’s Global Operations Director Mark Brand to deliver an (award-winning) Sustainability Strategy in his previous role, our shared methodology was tried and tested. Kicking off with a materiality analysis involving colleagues from all corners of Xaar’s business, we helped Group Sustainability Manager Neil Ross to steer the ESG Roadmap process right up to Board level presentation. Launched in 2022, Xaar’s Roadmap is now the backbone of much of its future investment and activity. Our own involvement has now evolved into a ‘critical friend’ role as well as a key advisor on ESG communications.

“Content Coms’ experience brings a viewpoint from the wider industrial setting that allowed Xaar to gain an alternate perspective and set a good Roadmap plan, with excellent foundations.”