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A multi-channel campaign - with big impacts for building safety.

This project for Wrexham Mineral Cables (WMC) required our specialist built environment expertise, extensive experience of public affairs, stakeholder mapping and media relations.

WMC wanted to issue an urgent call to action for the UK Government and industry to apply better testing standards for fire safety cables, which are currently used in buildings of all types.

We wrote a technical white paper called Expecting the unexpected: specifying safety-critical circuit cables for fire survival, outlining the key role played by fire survival circuit cables in improving building safety, and therefore saving lives. Leveraging the news agenda (major changes to the Building Safety Act) we promoted the paper through PR and social media – and through direct engagement with industry stakeholders.


To ensure ‘top down’ engagement and awareness, our Public Affairs / and Reputation Management specialists identified Members of Parliament, policy-makers and leading industry figures within the Built Environment supply-chain. Each was sent a personalised letter from WMC’s Managing Director outlining the key points and next steps. A copy of the whitepaper was enclosed – onward sharing was encouraged.

Our work resulted in 500+ downloads over 5 months and WMC tells us this has opened up previously ‘hard to reach’ strategic-level conversations with specifiers.