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Telling a story of nature, attraction & beauty

More than a desk is project we fell in love with.

We were asked by sustainable furniture designers Forest & Maker to take their sustainability messaging to a new level. Our big idea was to present the business case for natural British timber products in an unexpected way. In a lyrical, poetic style, our copy resembles a love song to the beauty and individuality of Forest & Maker’s work. This is a completely original way to convey the wellbeing and commercial benefits of sustainable, hand-crafted furniture.

Much more than a desk

I am an object of desire. 

Admired. Crafted. Made. 

I stand proud among my peers:

Not all desks are equal. I am more than a desk…

Our copy draws the reader in. It makes an emotional and a rational connection. This is content marketing. But, not as you know it.

Meet Forest & Maker

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