CBI: Government and firms must step up action on efficiency

The CBI says the Government needs to provide more support for businesses to take up energy efficiency measures and “untangle overlapping policies” whilst firms should step up action to cut their costs, writes Energy Live News.

The call from the CBI comes as it suggests more needs to be done to boost energy efficiency as it can help businesses reduce energy bills, manage risks and open up opportunities for growth.

In a new report, the business lobbying group argues energy efficiency has been “neglected for too long” in the wider energy debate despite making an impact on UK growth in recent years. It is therefore urging the Government to “re-double” its efforts to review all the current business energy efficiency policies and provide a “more coherent framework”.

Its research found the vast majority of firms said they had little confidence in the current policies designed to encourage energy efficiency, with only 5% believing the existing policies were effective.

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