Content Coms: Celebrating a bold move

A shift from Bristol city centre to rural Wiltshire has boosted our creativity, client base and talented team.

At Content Coms, we spend a huge chunk of our time writing about the work environment and the massive effect it has on productivity. Nearly 12 months ago, we decided it was about time we took our own advice, and we moved our HQ from inner city Bristol to Glove Factory Studios, in Holt, Wiltshire.


It was a bold decision, but one that’s paid dividends. Content Coms has never been busier – our talented team has nearly doubled in size, our client base has grown exponentially and we’re about to launch an exciting new creative joint-venture.


iltshire-based PR and marketing

For anyone who isn’t in the know, Glove Factory Studios is a workspace hub, based in a sensitively restored, stunning industrial heritage building. In the Content Coms office, light floods in through an expansive window, which has views over glassy lakes and 32 acres of rolling Wiltshire fields.


The vibrant working space is buzzing with talented professionals. We’re lucky enough to have formed both friendships and dynamic working partnerships with other like-minded businesses, including Little Lightbulb, who did such a stellar job on our new website; the talented designer Sarah Perrett at Whitespace; and buildings guru and architect Mark Ellerby. Each brings something new to our Content ‘family’. This is good for us and it’s good for clients too.


Since moving, we’ve swapped an exasperating two-hour commute on choked roads (yes, that’s each way) for a relaxed driving through country lanes. As a result, some of us have reclaimed over three hours a day, which we invest back into the business and our wellbeing. Put simply, we all feel better and work better, with the major benefit that we’ve slashed our carbon emissions.


Our stimulating environment has also given us headspace and fuelled our creative focus. Instead of huddling over our desks with a sandwich at lunch, we’re getting a chance for a blast of fresh air fix in verdant fields, or having a thought-provoking discussion with a co-worker. In fact, we’re often known to do both at the same time.

As Content Coms celebrates its eighth anniversary, we can proudly say the business is more successful than ever. Relocating has, quite literally, been the most positive move we’ve ever made.

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