Content Coms client’s new edition of White Paper offers new perspectives on energy management

British businesses need to take a structured, technology-led approach to on-site energy management, in order to overcome the systematic energy waste that drives up CO2 emissions and energy bills.

This is the message of a revised and updated version of a White Paper published by long-standing Content Coms client Priva UK Ltd, an energy management for historic buildings specialist and experts in building controls for schools.

The White Paper, was originally produced in 2014 in response to the widespread problem of energy waste in the UK’s building stock.

Gavin Holvey, UK & Ireland Sales Manager of Priva UK Ltd, comments: “When we published the first edition of the White Paper, we were met with tremendous appetite for information from the market. We realised that by despite high levels of interest in improving energy efficiency, there remains a relatively low level of uptake for structured programmes of energy management. The 2016 edition has been completely refreshed with updates on energy statistics and new legislative drivers. It remains an important and useful document.”

The free-to-download White Paper from Priva UK Ltd is aimed at facilities managers, building managers and energy managers. It provides a clear, easy-to-understand briefing on energy management: what’s driving it; how it intersects with energy monitoring and behavioural change; and how technology can play a crucial role.

Priva UK Ltd is an expert in answering the question: How do I make my building more energy efficient? Together with its local partner organisations, Priva offers organisations of all sizes access to high-quality hardware, software and services, in order to help the UK’s built environment to achieve greater energy efficiency.

The White Paper, Taking a structured approach to energy management, is available to download for free at the Priva website:

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