Energy marketing company calls for greater emphasis on internal comms

Content Communications, an industry PR expert, advises companies not to overlook the importance of internal communications.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director of Content Coms, says: “Internal comms is often forgotten, even though it can have as great or greater impact, in terms of business success, as external comms. Ensuring that your staff understand and feel part of your company vision keeps your messaging clear and consistent.”

The green-tech marketing firm recently worked at both a strategic and toolkit level to deliver an internal communications document for its client, Greenlite Lighting Solutions, one of the UK’s leading commercial lighting companies.

greeniteMs Watchman says: “Our first port of call was to help Greenlite define what story it wanted to tell about itself. We then used our specialist writing skills and worked with our design partner Dishy Design to effectively communicate these key messages.”

Entitled ‘The Greenlite Experience’, the staff handbook outlines the company vision and its staff expectations.  Andy Chell, Sales and Marketing Manager at commercial lighting design and relamping firm Greenlite, says: “The Content Coms team perfectly summed up the ethos we wanted to convey. The final result was professional, but light-hearted enough to appeal to our wide-ranging staff. It was very well-received.”

Ms Watchman adds: “Using internal comms to bring your staff with you on your business journey helps you to deliver more joined-up services to clients and, ultimately, this bolsters growth.”

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Content Coms
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