Energy PR company welcomes building management systems market growth

A report released last month states that the global building energy management system (BEMS) market is predicted to almost double in value to £4.4bn by 2020.

839339_ml 123RFThis research, compiled by the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA), has found that the sector is growing by over 10% per annum.  This is predicted to continue over the next five years, despite numerous obstacles and uncertainties.

The growth is attributed to a range of factors, including rising gas prices and commitments to energy reduction. Content Communications, an energy marketing company, is unsurprised by the increased interest in energy-efficient technologies.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director of the green-tech PR expert, says: “In light of the current economic situation, rising energy prices and environmental commitments, it’s only sensible to invest in technologies that reduce energy demand.”

She adds: “As a low-carbon marketing firm, we have worked with many BEMS firms to successfully demonstrate how their products cut carbon and save money. We look forward to continuing this work in this rapidly-expanding market!”

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