Low-carbon PR firm provides marketing support for new client

Content Communications, a Bristol-based energy marketing company, has been appointed by commercial lighting UK firm Greenlite to provide green-tech marketing expertise.

Greenlite Lighting Solutions is a rapidly-growing commercial lighting company that specialises in retail lighting maintenance and energy efficient shop lighting. Content Coms will deliver a combination of media relations, market intelligence and social media support to showcase its new client’s work.

greenlite logo web1Greenlite provides commercial lighting design, lighting finance and relamping for commercial and industrial clients, which are designed to reduce energy costs and lower carbon emissions. Content Coms has a proven history of supporting clients to effectively market low-carbon technologies and services.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director of Content Coms, comments: “Greenlite is an exciting firm that provides turnkey planned lighting maintenance solutions, allowing its customers to drive down their CO2 emissions through greater efficiency. As the company continues its rapid growth, we are looking forward to helping Greenlite to communicate its strengths to the market.”

Content Coms
Content Coms
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