Bright ideas and marketing strategies for lighting companies.

Content Coms is a specialist in content marketing and PR for the lighting sector. And, when it comes to innovation, we know there’s no industry quite as bright.

The lighting industry is fast-paced and technology evolves at the blink of an eye.

Content Coms is right there in the thick of it.

Lamps, luminaires, controls, Li-Fi and circadian rhythms are part of our daily vocabulary.

It’s our job to help our lighting clients stay one step ahead in terms of messaging, pitch and route to market. We’re experienced in communicating all aspects of light and lighting to a wide range of customers.

We know precisely how the market works. We understand every aspect of the purchasing hierarchy in both the ‘spec’ and projects markets. This is why we’re able to deliver perfectly pitched campaigns and strategies to all parts of the lighting supply chain – from designer to contractor, to FM or end-user.

Content Coms was an official Sponsor of UNESCO’s International Year of Light in 2015 – and to celebrate we created our very own Little Book of Light.

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