UN shines a light on low carbon employment for the future

A UN report reveals as renewables and energy efficiency mature, transitioning to them will create more jobs.

Here at Content Coms, we’ve always championed the role of the low carbon economy in building jobs for the future.

Proving this, recent UN data says sustainable global emissions can be accomplished through renewables. This, and rising uptake and maturity of energy efficiency, will lead to, ‘Expanding decent employment opportunities around the world.’

Where will the work come from?

The UN finds investments into mature clean tech and energy efficiency create more jobs than identical spending within the fossil sector. Clean energy spend need no longer be seen as as an obstacle to healthy long-term growth.

There are two key reasons behind the news. First, generating energy from clean renewable sources is approaching parity with non-renewables. Additionally, investments in energy efficiency are becoming cost

The numbers show that as renewables and energy efficiency gain traction and scale, their benefits rise exponentially. These benefits translate into more sustainable jobs available within larger sustainable sectors.

“Placed as we are at the heart of the low carbon sector, I’ve always seen a solid correlation between a low carbon economy and a flourishing economy,” says Joanna Watchman, Founder and Managing Director of energy-sector comms company Content Coms.

The UN’s report is complex, totalling some 280 pages. But its conclusions aren’t tough to understand. When energy efficiency kicked off, it was new. Tech was limited. Solutions were few.

As the sector leaps from strength to strength, its potency is growing, the Guardian notes. With that, comes a new dawn, in which renewables and energy efficiency don’t only offer carbon savings. They offer long term, valuable jobs too.

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