ESOS Hub web traffic underlines Content Coms’ expertise in resource-rich content marketing

The ESOS Hub, produced by Content Coms for Inenco, has received its highest ever unique visitor results. Crucially, the timing of the surge exactly matches rising industry demand for urgent ESOS information.

Recent months have seen visitor numbers rise by a groundbreaking 30%, as pressing December 5, 2015 ESOS deadlines approach.

The figures prove the Hub’s key significance to businesses scrambling to comply with the scheme. Their timing confirms the Hub’s sector-leading position above and beyond competing web portals offering lesser content and comment on the ESOS programme.

Today, the Hub consistently ranks between first and third on google under the search term ‘ESOS,’ pointing to superb SEO (search engine optimisation) and bespoke, uniquely delivered and crafted content.

ESOS Hub resounding success

The news keenly demonstrates Content Coms’ competencies; creating essential and expertly built content for industry. Content Coms is also renowned for thinking outside the box on audience engagement.

“We designed the ESOS Hub to be impartial, resource-rich content marketing at its best,” said Joanna Watchman, Founder and CEO, Content Coms. “Its excellent SEO capabilities (the Hub is almost always number 1 or 2 on google with relevant search terms) just add more evidence to our case.”

Joanna’s approach leverages impartiality to attract a much wider flow of traffic, engaging visitors for longer. “By maintaining Inenco’s impartiality, we can be instantly reactive to industry news and trends,” she elaborates.

“We can comment, interview and report independently. Ultimately, positioning the ESOS Hub in this way has allowed us to break several news exclusives for Inenco; sending the Hub directly to the top of google rankings and achieving unprecedented success for Inenco.”

Find out how Content Coms’ unique approach to content marketing can help your business here.

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