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Our CEO Joanna Watchman was one of a handful of guest speakers at the 4th World Whisky Forum. Bringing together the movers and shakers in the global whisky market ranging from global giants Diageo, to world-renowned Whyte & Mackay to artisan brands – this year’s conference focused on the importance of sustainability.

Joanna was only too pleased to be involved. Her presentation on authentic, transparent and consistent communications went down well with an audience whose attentions are increasingly focused on ESG and stakeholder engagement.

“Thank you Joanna for an engaging and energizing lecture. You made me wander in new and more critical paths.”

Organiser and drinks writer and journalist Dave Broom’s words after the conference summed up the impact of the conference:

It’s not the aim of the Forum to create manifestos, but seeing that consensus exists across the world in the need to tackle the topic of sustainability was inspiring. It’s easy to think that we are on our own and worry that we are not doing enough. The conversations demonstrated that no matter what the size of operation and the nature of production that there is a genuine drive to find and share possible solutions. Intelligent options abound.”

Video credit: Stauning Whisky

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