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Corporate messaging workshop results in unique ‘tone of voice’ for lighting experts

Creating a corporate personality should always start with defining values. Besides turning a profit, every organisation needs a driving force; a raison d’etre if you like.

This is feeling shared by our colleagues at Connected Light; a Bristol-based lighting projects business.

A family-run company, with strong values and a reputation founded upon 30 years of specialist lighting expertise, its Senior Management Team sought our help to capture and refine the company’s core messaging.

The brief was clear. Connected Light didn’t want to look like ‘every other’ lighting services company.

What was the outcome?

Content Coms is a specialist in marketing for the lighting industry. So, we knew precisely what to do to set their brand apart.

Using vocabulary, imagery and messages that are entirely unique in the lighting services arena, we have a created a distinct identity for Connected Light. This is underpinned with a unique tone of voice; and strong messaging that works in tandem with other brand elements (collateral; brochureware and web).

  • Board-level workshop to define & capture company values
  • MessagingDeck – key messaging content
  • Internal comms workshops to explain brand rationale
  • Content & concept of an inspirational brochure
  • Copy & content for rebranded website


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