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The start of a new journey

Capitas Finance has evolved. Starting life as a generalist asset management firm, it is now operating through a single prism: specialist finance for energy projects.

Whilst Capitas has a deep and respected 30+ year heritage, their existing brand failed to communicate who they are today. A rethink was needed.

We believe the energy market is most receptive when it is spoken to in its own language. So, we explored ways to establish an immediate connection with carbon-conscious customers, partners and investors.

Creating a new visual language

We created visual language that’s sharp, confident, youthful, easily identifiable and right for the market.

The new brand – which we have deployed for print, digital and web – is vibrant, fresh and conveys values of simplicity, expertise and heritage.

Everything is pared back in our application; thus reflecting the ease in which Capitas customers work with them and their holistic approach to solutions as a service. The results are stunning.