Content Coms’ new Climate Disclosure Report incorporates social value impact

Content Coms (incorporating Work in Mind) has published its Climate Disclosure Report this week. This year, for the first time, we have incorporated social value impacts within our report.

Our reporting, which is a requirement of our sign-up to the Creative Climate Disclosure Declaration, means we are one of a very small group of UK agencies at the cutting edge of transparency. Together, with the other signatories, we are pushing for the creative industries to take responsibility for our role in solving climate change. The Reporting Framework means being fully transparent about:

  1. Where our sales turnover comes from
  2. What sizes of businesses we work with
  3. Sales turnover by carbon intensive sectors

If you are unaware of the Creative Climate Disclosure Declaration – it is an initiative led from within the creative communications industry to improve transparency and to highlight any climate conflicts. Other sectors are doing similar things.

Headline numbers from our 2020/21 report include a declaration that 1.8% of our turnover comes from a carbon intensive industry – which is a slight increase on 2019/20. However, as this turnover relates to work undertaken to deliver the sustainability ambitions of a concrete products manufacturer, we are entirely satisfied that this work is not a climate conflict.

Social impacts

In addition to the standard reporting requirements, we have also used the Report to explain how we give back to society and the planet too.

As we did last year, we continue to donate 2% of our net profits to a sustainability-focused charity. As part of this – we’re delighted to confirm that we will donate 2% of last year’s net profits to a superb, local charity, the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. The organisation aligns entirely with our own interests and passion for accessible nature for all. We have also made additional cash donations to charitable causes including Target Ovarian Cancer and other smaller causes during the year.

For the first time, we are also reporting on the positive impact our colleagues are making through their voluntary work. For example, we report on our Operations Director, Catherine A’Bear’s appointment as Chair of the Board of Trustees for Dementia Carers Count. We believe it’s vital that we are as flexible as possible to allow our colleagues to undertake such important and impactful work for society.

Work in Mind

There can be very few small companies who have invested so much time, money and resource into a social purpose project such as our Work in Mind initiative. This incredible project – which has been a finalist in numerous awards this year – remains the world’s only information resource dedicated to healthier, better workplace buildings. Work in Mind – now in its fourth year – is read by 70,000+ people a year, in around 200 countries.

Commenting on the Report, Joanna Watchman our Founder and MD says: “To lead a small company that champions openness, transparency and ethical ways of doing business means the world to me. There’s always room for improvement, but we’re pretty sure there aren’t many agencies who are as committed to these values as we are. The whole team stands by our Report – and our commitment to ethical business – and we welcome feedback on what we’re doing.”

Read our Report

Interested in finding out more? We’d love for you to read our Content Coms Creative Climate Disclosure and tell us what you think.

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