Content Coms at COP26: Our MD Joanna Watchman has been invited by Living Future Europe (LFE) to speak about our Anti-Greenwash Playbook...

Content Coms at COP26: The Anti-Greenwash Playbook Goes to Glasgow

It’s an exciting week here at Content Coms. Not only is every newspaper, TV station and social platform alive with positive talk about COP26; we’re taking part in one of the Summit’s most important built-environment fringe events.

Our MD Joanna Watchman has been invited by Living Future Europe (LFE) to speak to its 2021 Masterclass cohort about our Anti-Greenwash Playbook. Living Future Europe (LFE) is a non-profit association with the mission to make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time.

The Anti-Greenwash Playbook by Content Coms - Do business differently

Launched to coincide with the run-up to COP26, the Content Coms Anti-Greenwash Playbook is a call for greater transparency across the supply chain and an end to unsubstantiated ‘green claims’.

With a foreword by sustainability writer and provocateur Martin Brown who is also a Living Future Europe VP, the book has been met with a phenomenal response by readers all over the world. It provides practical and easy-to-follow advice for anyone involved in the marketing or selling of ‘green’ goods and services.

COP26 Voices

As one of the LFE’s invited ‘COP26 Voices’, Joanna joins other leading thinkers, doers and change-makers in the built environment – each bringing a different message or perspective to the LFE Cohort. The COP26 Voicess line-up includes:

Taking place a day ahead the COP26 Built Environment Day (11.11.21) in central Glasgow – and accessible to view online, the LFE 2021 Masterclass. Regenerative+Agile is a 12-week training course, devised by Living Future Europe based upon the Living Building Challenge and Regenerative Principles, exploring the Why, the What and the How for regenerative action. This year’s Masterclass cohort is a mixed group of architects, constructors, clients and academics from across Europe.

[Postscript: To see how The Anti-Greenwash Playbook went down at COP26, read about it here.]

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  • Mark Ellerby

    All sounding excellent Joanna. Do have a look at the Natural Materials stand put together by Architects Climate Action Network and give them a good ‘shout out’ as they have been working enormously hard on all these issues – basically promoting building materials that are generally derived from natural substances and not derived from oil. Janna has been very involved with articles in RIBA journal etc… There’s an excellent article in the Guardian today pointing to the fact that the small word ‘net’ in front of zero is a very significant ‘cop out’. It pushes the problem down the road a bit. Might not be ‘green wash’ but certainly ‘off the green and in the rough’…

    11th November 2021at5:03 pm

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