Environmental PR company welcomes the rise of content-led B2B industry marketing

With opportunities for coverage in the trade press narrowing and online content growing in popularity, Content Coms, a specialist B2B energy & environmental PR company, wants the green-tech industry to pay close attention to the rise of content marketing.

ContentComms3“It’s no longer enough to rely on traditional routes to market – such as press releases or case studies – to get you the coverage you need for your organisation,” says Joanna Watchman, Managing Director of B2B technology marketing company, Content Coms.

“Producing interesting, informative content on a regular basis is now a crucial way to keep your existing clients coming back for more, as well as generating new leads,” she adds. “The Internet provides a huge variety of new ways for businesses to talk to their customers. Whether you’re producing a blog post, guide or video, the key is to create great content which readers will find useful and relevant.”

Environmental marketing company, Content Coms, has produced a guide to help organisations understand the importance of content-led B2B industry marketing. The guide, which is available in the our Content library, explores the rise of content marketing and explains how it can best be used for business.

“Content marketing might seem like an alien concept if you’ve never come across the term before,” comments Joanna Watchman. “However, it’s really just a new name for something businesses have done for decades. It’s all about communicating useful information which will appeal to clients, without bombarding them with sales pitches.”

Download now: The Rise of Content Marketing

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