Environmental PR firm concerned by lack of female leaders in energy sector

A new report has called for a dramatic increase in the number of women entering and attaining leadership roles in the energy industry.

IMG_3267Based on research compiled by PwC and industry body POWERful Women (PfW), the report states that only 5% of executive board seats are held by women. In response, the organisations have laid out a route map designed to help achieve a target of women holding 40% of energy company middle management positions and 30% of executive board seats by 2030.

They state that this would improve future decision making, bring fresh perspectives, enhance stakeholder trust and strengthen the UK energy industry in the long term. Content Communications, an environmental PR expert, is shocked by these statistics but pleased to see the issue being highlighted.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director at the environmental marketing specialist, says: “The fact that 61% of leadership boards have no female representation at all is appalling. It is heartening, however, to see that a plan for change has been developed.”

She adds: “As the report notes, equality doesn’t have to be 50/50 split but there is something clearly wrong. As an energy PR expert, we know that a diverse leadership team is vital to staying ahead and innovative in this increasingly competitive sector.”

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