British Retail Consortium launch new initiative to improve energy efficiency

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has launched a new initiative to enable UK retailers to improve their energy efficiency, in turn driving down business costs and reducing the environmental impact of their operations.

With 25-in-5: Unlocking Energy Efficiency through Smart Regulation, the BRC aims to harness the experience, knowledge and best practices of its members, leading to the rapid deployment of low and zero carbon technologies right across the retail industry.

BRC believes that a range of small, but significant policy simplifications could lead to further improvements in energy efficiency across the retail industry, which will in turn help drive greater investment in green technologies to the benefit of the wider economy while also achieving significant steps towards climate change and energy security objectives.

BRC Director General Helen Dickinson said: “Energy and energy efficiency are of strategic importance to Britain’s retailers. Through our 25-in-5 campaign, we believe we can build on what has been done so far to help drive energy efficiency across the retail industry, allowing our members to benefit from significant energy cost savings while at the same time making a vital contribution to the UK’s climate change and energy security goals”.

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