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International Day of Light: leading the way to a brighter future

Today, on 16 May every year, we celebrate International Day of Light. In 2015, the United Nations celebrated the first International Year of Light, with the goal of raising global awareness about the impact of light and light-based technologies on sustainable development. As a proud sponsor of the event, Content Coms contributed its own publication, the Little Book of Light, to spread the message.

Light plays an enormous role in areas such as solar energy, photonics, lighting in the built environment, and connecting the world through fibre optics. Light also affects our circadian rhythms, mental health, and overall wellbeing. The quality of light that we experience has a profound impact on our lives, and better light can lead to better health and happiness.

The role of light in sustainable development cannot be overstated. Solar energy is a crucial alternative to non-renewable energy sources, and photonics has a vast array of applications in fields such as medicine, communications, and manufacturing. Lighting in the built environment is an important aspect of architecture, as it can enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a space. Fibre optics enable fast and reliable communication across the globe, connecting people and communities.

Lighting the way forward

We realised there was so much to cover in this domain that it played a pivotal role in the creation of Work in Mind, our healthy buildings knowledge platform resourced entirely by Content Coms. There, we’ve delved into light in more depth: how designers can best utilise light, lighting for neurodiversity, daylighting, impact of light on circadian rhythms, and more.

Eight years later, Content Coms continues to promote the message of the International Year of Light. This year, we invite you to join us in exploring how light, science, technology, art, and culture can help achieve the goals of UNESCO, such as education, equality, and peace.

Together, we can make the world a lighter and brighter places. Explore how with our Little Book of Light, or learn more about the International Year of Light.

international day of light

Sophie Crossley
Sophie Crossley