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Inspirational content campaign proves to be lasting legacy to celebrate UNESCO initiative

2015 was the International Year of Light. This initiative was led by UNESCO (part of the United Nations) and aimed to celebrate every aspect of light and how it impacts our daily lives.

As specialists in marketing and comms for the lighting sector, The International Year of Light was something we wanted to celebrate and participate in in some way.

Which is why we agreed to sponsor this important initiative alongside some of the biggest names in the lighting world.

So what did we do?

To mark our official sponsorship of this initiative, and to celebrate light in all its forms, we conceived and published the Content Coms Little Book of Light.

Written by us and designed by our brilliant creative friends at Mike Garlick Design, the Content Coms Little Book of Light aims to delight, inspire and teach. Copies were sent to all our clients, friends and partners. The positive response was overwhelming.

We hope it will make you stop and think a little, too.

Feeling inspired?

Explore the Content Coms Little Book of Light.

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