LED rollout would cut 2.3% of global emissions

Source: Edie.net

If the world leapfrogged to LED lamps in all sectors, global electricity consumption for lighting would be reduced by more than half (52%), with 735 million tons of CO2 emissions avoided each year

That’s according to a new report, titled ‘Support The Big Switch’, which has been launched this week by The Climate Group, as it hosts its annual Climate Week NYC in New York.

The report refers to The Climate Group’s ‘LED = Lower Emissions Delivered’ campaign, which encourages cities to realise the carbon and cost benefits that come with switching to LED.

With the number of street lights around the world likely to hit 350 million by 2025, The Climate Group’s report reiterates how local governments, utility companies and financial institutions need to work together to ensure that all new and existing street lights are LED – or of equivalent energy efficiency – by they year 2025.

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