Survey shows business not seen as providing an environmental fix

New research has revealed that, while the public see business as at the heart of the economic recovery, they do not yet see business as key to fixing our environmental problems, with over two thirds of respondents unable to name a company taking the issue of environmental sustainability seriously, writes

Conducted amongst 1819 adults for the Carbon Trust by YouGov, the research found that only five per cent see businesses as being most effective in helping the environment, when compared to environmental pressure groups, academics and the government. By contrast, 22 per cent of those surveyed see businesses as being the most effective in helping the economic recovery.

This, says the Carbon Trust, suggests that even those companies which are communicating their actions to be more sustainable are not yet directly associated with taking responsibility for the environment. Instead, the public sees the quest for a greener future as lying firmly in the hands of environmental organisations — such as charities and pressure groups — which are seen as the most important player in helping the environment to recover and are most likely to be trusted out of any group on the environment.

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