20+ big stats you need to know about the UK Green Building Council (GBC) Report:

We’ve had a quick look at the UK GBC Report to extract some tasty tidbits to share with you below:


Of the operational emissions from the built environment, 69% was heating buildings in 2015 which was 10% of UK carbon emissions – as most of the energy for heating buildings comes from carbon intensive sources.


67% of total electricity supply in the UK in 2016 was consumed in buildings; 53% of energy used in buildings is from electricity.


59% of total UK waste was generated from construction, demolition & excavation2006/7 13billion litres of mains water was used in construction.

Office space

60% of European office space is not used, even in working hours


47% of land in greater London is green space:

  • 24% domestic gardens
  • 22% greenbelt
  • 18% parks & open spaces
  • 19% nature conservations

Recreation space in London in 2015

  • 995 hectares of allotments, community gardens and city farms; 0.6% of total space in central London
  • 10,700 hectares of outdoor sports facilities; 6.7% of total space
  • 28,519 hectares of parkland, 17.79% total space

14% tree cover in London from a total 8.4 million trees

  • £260k saved on energy bills from shading buildings each year
  • 2.4Mt carbon saved each year
  • 2,200 tonnes of pollution removed each year
  • 3.4million litres of stormwater absorbed each year

Healthy workplaces

570,000 hours lost to workplace absences linked to poor building design in UK. 30.7% of people don’t believe that the design of their workplace enables them to work productively.

For more information straight from UKGBC, please visit  https://www.ukgbc.org/ukgbc-work/state-sustainability-built-environment/

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