Bristol PR firm welcomes new Mayor of Bristol

After being the only city to vote ‘Yes’ in the Mayoral Referendum earlier this year, Bristol gained its first directly-elected Mayor this week.

George Ferguson, an independent, beat 14 other candidates to the role last Thursday. He was sworn in as Mayor at Temple Meads on Monday 19th November and pledged that: “I shall not leave this city any less but rather greater than I found it.”

georgeGeorge’s campaign stated his dedication to improving Bristol’s transport, stimulating the green industries and reusing derelict spaces in the city. Content Communications, an energy marketing company, is pleased to see this commitment to sustainable development, as it fits with its own environmental values.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director of Content Coms, comments: “Although I’m not a Bristol resident, George was my preferred candidate for Mayor. His vision for Bristol clearly demonstrates that he understands the triple bottom line effects of sustainable regeneration.”

She adds: “He also has a proven history of knowing how to work with the built environment and redevelop derelict sites and buildings. Content Communications is excited to see how Bristol progresses under this new leadership.”

Content Coms
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