Brits ‘split personality’ on energy usage behaviour

Almost half (48%) of the British public would describe themselves as energy conscious at home, whereas only 20% would say the same about their behaviour in the workplace, according to new research, reports

The results of a survey, by OnePoll and electrical supplies distributor Rexel, reveals that this apparent “split personality” around energy usage is highlighted by the differences in their concern for energy wastage.

More than 70% claim that they are concerned about wasting energy at home, whilst only 43% worry about wastage at work.

Looking at specific behaviour, the survey found that the majority of employees (60%) actively charge their personal devices at work, instead of using energy at home, with 32% admitting to daily charging sessions and 36% charging multiple devices.

Other energy costs, such as lighting and heating, also showed the behaviour gap with the survey finding that 93% claim they turn off the lights when leaving an empty room at home, with only 60% doing the same at work.

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