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Daring to do things differently

The Regenerative Playbook is a creative collaboration between Content Coms and two of the leading change-makers in regenerative thinking, Anna Williamson and Martin Brown.

This little book is aimed at business leaders who are somewhere on their sustainability journey – but, perhaps stuck and/or wondering if there is something beyond sustainability that they can aim for – and searching for ways to do things differently. It explains, in clear language what ‘regenerative’ thinking actually is. And, it shows you how to take the first steps to bring sustainability and environmental approaches alive with questions and challenges to shift thinking.

We were delighted that Josie Warden Head of Regenerative Design at the RSA accepted our invitation to scribe a foreword to The Playbook.

Here’s what we did…

  • Co-authorship of The Regenerative Playbook
  • Guidance on audience & tone of voice to ensure maximum impact
  • Clear, crisp simple language to cut-through abstract concepts
  • Beautiful design of the book itself by our in-house creative team
  • Chairing the online launch event – a facilitated discussion with Martin & Anna

“We need to be regenerative. But what does this mean? As this Playbook shows, it means asking different and better questions, ones which can help us to recognise and work with the true interdependencies of our living world; it means nurturing the potential that all people and communities already have to be sources of health for all life on earth and giving that potential space to grow and be realised; and it means working not only to change ‘out there’ but also to change ‘in here’, our own mindsets and behaviours, and those of our organisations.”

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