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Connecting buildings + people

“When you’re designing for dementia people think you’re designing for a minority but, in reality, the principles can benefit everybody,” is the belief of global flooring manufacturer Tarkett. The company’s Healthcare Team asked for our help to take this message to the supply chain – from designers and architects to NHS procurement pro’s. We were happy to help.

Hitting the brief

The impact that design decisions can have for those with dementia may not be easy to comprehend, but Tarkett’s pioneering virtual reality (VR) empathy platform enables people to do just that. We created a suite of content that encouraged architects and designers to use the VR tool to see through the eyes of a dementia resident, helping them understand how much colours, contrasts and patterns affect the space around them.

Educating the supply chain

We’re passionate more human-centric approaches to design and specification. So, this was a dream project with big-impact outcomes. We used our expertise to educate, inform and inspire change across the supply chain: from NHS estates, to specialist mental health and dementia architects to the wider healthy buildings sector. We also supported Tarkett with on-point socials; and speaker opportunities at major events. The jewel in the crown of this campaign was a powerful feature published on our very own Work in Mind platform jointly-authored with the Alzheimers Society. Powerful stuff.

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