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High-value Trends Report targeted at energy retailers

Energy technology specialist ENTRNCE asked us to help them build UK energy retailers’ understanding of the shift towards 24/7 energy matching – and how it can improve transparency for consumers.

Content Coms’ deep domain sector expertise was critical to this campaign. Understanding the ins-and-outs of REGOs isn’t for everyone. Working closely with ENTRNCE’s digital marketers, our energy team produced a high-value Trends Report as the central content asset in a wider campaign. The Report not only explains the ‘4D Revolution’ (Decarbonisation, Democratisation, Decentralisation and Digitalisation) that is transforming the energy system, it also outlines the consumer and policy drivers for full transparency and visibility of energy sourcing.

Blogs, media relations, network-building; thought-leadership; and a webinar with BEIS were all part of our scope, too.

How we helped ENTRNCE connect with energy retailers

  • Scoping & writing of central content asset (Trends Report)
  • Suite of supporting SEO-rich original blogs
  • Networking & introductions to influential trade bodies – including MEUC
  • Hosting of webinar with BEIS
  • Press & media relations
  • Specialist SEO keyword research & advice