Content Coms authors technical white paper that proves energy saving benefits of MasoSine pumps

Content Coms has authored a technical white paper that proves the energy efficient characteristics and benefits of MasoSine sinusoidal pump technology in high viscosity applications.

Commissioned by long-standing client Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG), the white paper explains how Mee (MasoSine energy efficiency) curves can be used as a powerful and proven tool for demonstrating that SineTM pump technology is able to deliver significant benefits for users in the food and beverage sector.

Easy-to-use Mee curves show clear evidence that sine pumps require up to 50% less power than lobe or circumferential piston pumps, particularly when pumping viscous products. In fact, the curves are able to demonstrate that the higher the viscosity, the more the savings.

MasoSine Energy Efficiency Mee Curves White Paper

Clear language

Authored by Content Coms’ specialist technology marketing team, the WMFTG white paper sets out in clear language the ways in which food and beverage plants can leverage the latest sine pump technology to realise sizeable savings and rapid ROI.

For example, it addresses technical factors such as net inlet pressure requirement, net positive suction head requirements, cavitation, power requirements and the effects of viscosity.

Energy knowledge

As one of the UK’s only energy-specialist PR and comms companies, the Content Coms team has drawn from its extensive knowledge of the energy arena to bring the content of the paper ‘to life’ through the addition of contextual information on energy regulation and market drivers. This gives the white paper wider appeal than simply process engineers. It will be of interest to energy managers, finance directors and sustainability professionals too.

Project management

Not only was the paper written and project managed by Content Coms, it was designed and print-managed by the team, too. The end result is a very high quality publication which is available both online and hard copy.


The white paper was published online during July (2016) and has been met with an immediate and positive reception. Downloads of the online version by global blue-chip businesses in the food and beverage sector prove that the paper’s contents are both topical and timely.

Want to read it for yourself?

Any food or beverage plants interested in finding out how sine pump technology can impact their bottom line, and how Mee curves can be used as supporting scientific evidence, can click here to download the WMFTG white paper.

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