Increasing web traffic & online profile for renewable energy innovator

Client: Leading renewables company


A leading renewables company set us an objective: increase traffic to its website and boost sales leads. However, the company was keen to net the right type of web traffic – its core customer types: self-builders, homeowners with planning problems, architects, and owners of listed buildings, to name a few.


In a campaign that combined B2C and B2B marketing, Content Coms devised a content-led approach to search engine optimisation (SEO).

The first step was to fill the website with bite-sized, easy-to-digest content. Incorporating popular search terms, we targeted consumers with informative blog articles, written in a warm and friendly style. We also targeted public sector and business managers with more formal content tailored to their concerns.

However, writing content was just half the story. We also made sure every new page was a hit with Google.

This involved continual analysis:

  • Analysing search trends on Google – looking for spikes in activity for particular key words.
  • Analysing web traffic to the client’s website – looking at which pages received the most hits.

This continual analysis meant that we were able to revise our content schedule in order to produce more of what was popular and more of what would draw in potential customers.


  • Immediate & significant increase in traffic to website
  • Unique visitor numbers increased by 60% in the seven months following the launch of the content-led strategy
  • High of 3,215 visitors per month

The Client also increased its visibility on Google: the site was soon listed first or second on the majority of key search terms targeted.

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