Top-Level Messaging Gives Designrock a Unique Voice

Client: Designrock – sustainable interior design company.


Designrock needed to re-think its top-level messaging in order to communicate its services to customers in a clear and confident manner.


Through a collaborative workshopping process, Content Communications helped Designrock to capture its Unique Selling Points (USPs); define its key stakeholders; and identify how Designrock’s strengths met each stakeholder group’s specific needs.


Susie Newman Turner, Director of Designrock, comments:

“Because they took such incredible care to understand us and our business, working with Joanna and the Content Coms team gave us a real sense of clarity. Their approach was straightforward – no fluff, nothing wishy-washy – just simple, intelligible honing of our messages for us to communicate through our website and other marketing channels.

“The experience was invaluable. We now have a website that earns its keep! But equally important are the lessons we learnt from Content Coms. They reminded us that businesses evolve – and that messaging needs to evolve with them.”

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