ESOS HUB – An award-winning content-rich info resource

Client: Inenco


Leading energy services company Inenco wanted to present itself as an ideal partner for companies subject to the new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) legislation.


Using a content marketing strategy to position Inenco as an authority on ESOS, Content Coms developed the idea an honest-broker style ‘independent’ information resource: the ESOS HUB.

Content Coms worked with the Inenco team on an on-going basis to ensure the ESOS Hub continued to be seen as a key resource among those searching for information online.

Initial development of the campaign included:

•    Design, concept and development, with web-partner Red Box Web Design;
•    Content strategy and copywriting for the website – including executive briefings, sector guides and FAQs;
•    Search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure the website was easy to find via Google and other search engines.

On-going support:

•    Regular content written and curated – including exclusive news stories, bespoke blog articles and further web guides
•    Management of the website’s message board, including collating responses to visitor questions
•    Continued SEO and web analytics


  • The ESOS Hub was launched from concept to delivery in under 5 weeks
  • 4,396 unique visitors in first four months
  • 35,000+ unique visitors in over project duration
  • First non-government-related result to appear under the Google search for ‘ESOS’
  • Widely acknowledged as the leading info source on ‘all things ESOS’
  • Highly commended at 2 Degrees Sustainability Awards 2015


Not only has the ESOS Hub established Inenco as an ‘honest broker’ in the market; it has also allowed Inenco’s sales teams to access a wealth of potential new customers.


The ESOS Hub was ‘Highly Commended by judges at the 2015 2Degrees Network Champions Awards.

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