White paper to explain benefits of peristaltic technology in mining applications

Client: Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group – the world’s largest manufacturer of peristaltic pumps.


Watson-Marlow needed a thought-provoking White Paper that would help to stimulate interest in its high-pressure hose pumps among senior-level executives and decision makers in the mining sector.


Using our knowledge of the mining sector, fluids handling and pump
technology, the Content Coms technical writing team authored a detailed, informative White Paper. The paper set out to explain the benefits of peristaltic pump technology for mining applications. The document was also fully artworked by the Content Coms design team.


The White Paper was distributed following a presentation at a global mining industry conference in Las Vegas. It significantly boosted Watson-Marlow’s profile and commercial opportunities  in the mining sector, building increased interest in Watson-Marlow’s pump solutions.

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