Content Coms’ affordable SEO strategies double online sales for packaging company

In just four months – a rocket-fuelled SEO strategy from the digital team at Content Coms has led to a 100 per cent increase in website sales for South West family business Doran Packaging.

Torbay-based Doran Packaging specialises in selling compostable cups, compostable food containers and economy paper carrier bags both regionally and nationally.

Managing Director Mark Baker engaged Content Coms to attract both a B2C and B2B national audience specifically to its ranges of paper carrier bags including twist handle, tape handle and plastic carriers.

He also wanted an improved customer experience when visiting the site.

Head of Digital at Content Coms Matthew Hyde set about employing an affordable SEO strategy which combined optimising content with finely tuned keyword targeting.

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External and internal links along with calls to action were also added to the website’s text – making interaction and navigation of the site easier for consumers.

Website performance soon improved, both in terms of increased web traffic improving sales.

“Although their products sit in an extremely competitive online market, within a few months our efforts started visibly paying off,” said Matthew.

“Terms such as ‘twist handle carrier bags’, ‘kraft paper carrier bags’ ‘plastic carrier bags‘ started to climb to the first pages of search engines.

“And soon their sales started to soar,” he adds.

Naturally Doran Packaging is thrilled with the results.

“Thanks to Content Coms efforts our website’s key products have climbed onto Google’s first page. This has helped us enjoy a huge increase in online sales,” said Mark.

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